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Thinking About Adding Meditation To Your Self-Care Kit? Here Are Some Helpful Tips:

Sometimes when I bring up mediation, my clients, friends, or family twist their face like I just said a four-letter word. And I get that, and that’s cool. I’m not here to try to convince folks that everyone needs to partake in meditation. In fact, I’m quite certain that forcing someone to meditate who does not wish to meditate would have the opposite intended effect of meditation. I am here however, to throw out some helpful tips to those who have taken an interest in meditat

How To Stop Letting Your Thoughts And Emotions Get The Best Of You

How To Stop Letting Your Thoughts And Emotions Get The Best Of You Do you ever have a day or even multiple days in a row where you feel as though you cannot pull it together and your thoughts and emotions seem to be running the show? Or have you ever “lost it” so badly you felt ashamed of yourself? Same. When it comes to our thoughts and emotions, that’s just sometimes the way it goes. However, one of my favorite things to discuss with others about thoughts and emotions is ho

What Does Holistic Mean, Anyway?

Sometimes the term “holistic” can carry a strange or negative connotation. I get it. Even when I hear people use the word, I sometimes feel my guard go up and wonder what they mean. I can be skeptical that it’s being used synonymously with “natural” and that’s supposed to make me think whatever is being offered to me is totally legitimate. Then my alarms really go off and I have to know why it’s so important for the person trying to get my buy in to assure me that everything

5 Ways To Start Loving Yourself The Way You Deserve To Be Loved

1) Acceptance: This is often easier said than done. Just keep in mind that acceptance is not the same as resignation. Accepting yourself the way you are does not mean that you cannot or should not have future goals for yourself. It simply means that you give yourself the same courtesy that you give your loved ones; you accept and love yourself, flaws included. Let’s just say we modify the “golden rule”, and you treat yourself the way you would like to treat others whom you lo

Learn How To Manage Your Anxiety With These 3 Easy Tips

1) Willingness: Increase your willingness to feel anxiety. I realize this sounds very counterintuitive but give me a chance to explain. Most anxiety disorders are more accurately described as anxiety avoidance disorders. Anxiety is a normal physical and emotional sensation. Our reaction to anxiety is where we can run into problems. Most often, society tells us that any negative emotion is bad, and we should strive to feel only positive emotions, like happiness. I get it, posi

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