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Lone Walk

Holding a B.A. and M.A. in psychology and licensed for professional counseling in the beautiful state of Colorado, I've dedicated the last decade to exploring the depths of the human mind and spirit. My journey has been both professional and deeply personal, particularly in the realm of OCD therapy—a path that has not only shaped my career but has also been a significant part of my own life story.

Like many of you, I've navigated the choppy waters of life's challenges, from the hurdles of mental illness and performance anxieties to the everyday struggles with self-esteem and life transitions. My approach is deeply rooted in the belief that each person is a unique tapestry of experiences and potential. As a therapist, I see myself as a fellow traveler on your journey, offering a compass in the form of assessments, tools, and compassionate guidance to help you become the best version of yourself.

Specializing in OCD treatment, anxiety treatment, and emotional regulation, I bring a person-centered approach to therapy. This means seeing you as the expert on your life, with my role being to support and empower you in unlocking your innate strengths and navigating through life's ups and downs. My personal brush with OCD has only deepened my resolve to assist others in finding their path to healing and strength, employing empathy, understanding, and tailored interventions.

Outside the therapy room, I cherish the simple joys of life—long walks in nature, quality time with my loved ones, movie nights, playful moments with my pets, and the solace found in music. These experiences enrich my practice and remind me of the beauty and resilience that lies within us all.

If my approach resonates with you, and you're curious to learn more or embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing together, I'm just a message away. Let's connect and explore how we can work together toward achieving your goals and fostering a life filled with hope, strength, and fulfillment.

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