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Clients often aren't entirely sure what to expect when they step into a therapist's office. Even if you've been to therapy before, each experience brings something new and/or different. That fact is important to understand when you are looking for a therapist. There are a wide variety of models of therapy and each therapist takes an individual approach to how they practice within those models. It's a good idea for you to chat with potential therapists about what your concerns are so that you both can ensure they are a good fit for your needs. Keep in mind that it's okay if it doesn't feel like a good fit and you think you need to find a different therapist. Regardless of how your therapist executes their methods, one of the key factors in your successful therapy treatment is your relationship with your therapist. So don't ever feel as though you need to stay with a therapist who doesn't seem like a good fit for you and your needs.

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Each client's treatment and use of therapy sessions will look different depending on their needs and goals. However, some general things you can expect when you are in therapy with me are the following:

~1-2 sessions of information gathering so that I may collect the most accurate assessment of what your presenting concerns are.

~Depending on your needs and situation you can expect weekly therapy sessions while we work on addressing your concerns.  

~Goal setting that is driven by you. We will establish goals and put plans in place to achieve them.

~When appropriate, I will offer you interventions, tools, or techniques to assist you in reaching your goals.

~Check-ins to see how your progress is coming in reaching your goals. This includes the opportunity to reevaluate and make changes to goals if need be. 

~Once we both determine that your treatment has been successful we will have a conclusion session, but know that you are always welcome back.

What to Expect in Therapy: News and Tips
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