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How Therapy Works

Many clients are uncertain about what to expect upon beginning therapy.


Therapy encompasses a broad spectrum of models, with each therapist adopting a personalized approach within these frameworks. It's beneficial to discuss your specific concerns with potential therapists to determine if there's a mutual fit for your needs.


Remember, deciding a therapist isn't the right match and continuing your search elsewhere is entirely acceptable. A fundamental element to the success of your therapy is the rapport you share with your therapist.


You should never feel obligated to remain with a therapist who doesn't align with your needs.

What To Expect From Me

Your therapy experience will be uniquely tailored to your personal needs and objectives.

Here's what you can expect while working with me:

  • We'll spend 1-2 sessions gathering detailed information to form a precise understanding of your main concerns.

  • Based on your specific requirements and circumstances, regular weekly sessions will be planned to address and work through your issues.

  • You'll play an active role in setting your own therapy goals. Together, we'll devise strategies to accomplish these objectives.

  • I will provide you with appropriate interventions, tools, and techniques to help you meet your goals when it's suitable.

  • Periodic reviews will be conducted to monitor your progress toward your goals, offering a chance to adjust or redefine them as necessary.

  • We'll have a final session to conclude treatment upon mutually agreeing that your therapy goals have been met. However, you're always welcome to return if you feel the need for further support in the future.

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